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We're Taking the Power Back

What's Cooperative Power all about?

Cooperative Power is a newly formed cooperative for Australia's energy sector. This new model takes the power back from huge energy corporations, for the benefit of people and our planet. It's a new way for people to buy energy and have a say in how it's created and how much it costs.


Cooperative Power is a way for us to come together and create an energy sector that is clean and sustainable, affordable and democratic!

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Fair Energy Bills

Affordable Energy for Working People

The big three energy corporations are charging Australians more and more for their energy bills. They use their huge market share to offer “sign-up” discounts and special offers, but once the discount period ends, prices skyrocket and bills go up.  Households and workers are losing out. Wages in Australia have stagnated but electricity keeps getting more and more expensive. Something needs to give.

Switching your electricity to Cooperative Power means you become a part of a not-for-profit energy cooperative that redistributes profit back to the people. It's about making energy affordable for everyone, today and into the future, rather than hiking costs further and further in a sector dominated by big corporations.

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Clean & Sustainable Energy

Leading the Way With Renewables

Fossil fuel energy companies are polluting our environment causing dangerous global warming, which impacts us all. Our planet is suffering, but there are alternatives.


Cooperative Power allows us to be a collective purchaser that can own the solutions we want to see. Through Cooperative Power we can invest in community renewable energy; such as solar plants, wind energy, battery storage and home energy efficiency. Together we can drive change rather than relying on a slow moving, private energy sector that is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

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There's a Better Way

Together We Are Creating a New System

Currently we do not have any say over what the big energy companies charge us, what energy sources they rely on or what infrastructure spending we end up paying for. Meanwhile, our planet gets hotter, wages have stagnated, inequality is growing, services have been eroded and sometimes it’s easy to lose faith that we can affect change.


There is hope. A cooperative allows us to come together and create the world we want to live in! Cooperatives have been around for a long time and are trusted business models in Australia and around the world. Cooperative Power can take market share away from the big three energy corporations and direct it to an economy that benefits people and planet. This can support unionised Australian jobs, clean energy manufacturing and supply chains that respect workers, communities and environment.

Make the switch today!

Cooperative Power Australia was formed by the National Tertiary Education Union, the Australian Services Union, the National Union of Workers, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, Voices of the Valley, and Earthworker Cooperative and Energy Innovation Cooperative. Together our organisations represent many thousands of people who can create a new energy sector. Together we can take the power back!