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Committing to energy efficiency

In the 2023-24 democratic budget customer members voted to allocate $12,000 to an energy efficiency fund to assist households to reduce electricity usage to save money […]

Vote YES

In the view of the Board of CoPower the Uluru Statement from the Heart represents a generous offer for a basis of a genuine coming together […]

Re-investing $40,000 back into the cooperative sector

A member update on our recommendations and discussions for implementing our service budget. On the 24th of August 2023 the first meeting of the working group […]

Final results #CoPowerBudget2023

Congratulations to our 2023 democratic budget recipients The results of our third democratic budget are in! As a customer member, you decide what we do with […]

Final vote is open #CoPowerBudget2023

Voting is now open in our second and final vote for the #CoPowerBudget2023. On 10 June all customer members will receive an email from ElectionBuddy including […]

#CoPowerBudget Workshop 2

Submissions have now closed for project applications for our impact budget and ideas for our service budget. We’ve had over 10 inspiring project applications and over […]

#CoPowerBudget submissions open for 2023

1st Round Voting Results We had a total of 310 households voting in our first round of voting this year, which is double last year’s results. […]

1st Vote for #CoPowerBudget 2324FY

The first round of voting for the democratic #CoPowerBudget for 2324FY is now open until 11:59pm Sunday 30 April 2023. The purpose of this vote is […]

2023 #CoPowerBudget Proposal

Cooperative Power was founded in 2018 to put real power back in peoples’ hands.  We built our cooperative to give people power over their energy bills, […]

Power Saving Bonus

Earlier this month, the Victorian Government opened another round of the Power Saving Bonus program. That means you can pocket $250 for signing up on the […]

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