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Voting guide

We are excited to launch our second and final vote in the 2024-25 democratic budget! CoPower customer members will determine which Impact Campaigns to drive change […]

We don’t profit from network tariffs

Demand Tariffs: what you need to know to exercise agency In a world where big corporations dominate the energy market, CoPower stands with you, prioritising the […]

Proposals are in

Applications for the Energy Efficiency Member Benefit fund for the 2024-25 democratic budget have now closed.  We have 5 proposals from Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative and […]

Applications are in

Applications for Impact Campaigns for the 2024-25 democratic budget have closed.  We have received 14 amazing applications for projects to drive change in communities.  Customer members […]

Why do energy prices change?

By Adrian Merrick, Founder, Energy Locals Wondering why your energy rates change each year? We’ll there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it […]

Expanding our energy efficiency services

Guidance for Member Benefit Fund CoPower is opening proposals for its $21,000 Energy Efficiency member benefit fund. Over the next year these services will focus on […]

Overland Journal and CoPower renew and deepen partnership to support progressive discourse on climate and energy

Last year, as a democratic co-operative committed to building socially owned renewable energy and a just transition to the commons, CoPower announced our partnership with Overland […]

Applications Are Open

Guidance for Impact Campaign applications There is a total of $42,500 available for Impact Campaigns in the 2024-2025 CoPower democratic budget.  Application open 17 May and […]

Result of 1st vote: Democratic Budget 2024-25

We are excited to announce the results of the first vote.  We had 97 customer members participate in the ballot with 98% voting in favour of […]

Democratic Budget 2024-25: Overview and timeline

Cooperative Power was founded in 2018 to put real power back in peoples’ hands.  We built our cooperative to give people power over their energy bills, rebuild […]

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