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Democratic Budget 2024-25: Overview and timeline

Cooperative Power was founded in 2018 to put real power back in peoples’ hands.  We built our cooperative to give people power over their energy bills, rebuild […]

Democratic Budget

Our first workshop for the democratic budget is open to all customer members.  It will provide an opportunity to share input on the 2024-25 democratic budget […]

Cruel Summers, Bitter Winters

By Sabrina Clarke I’m the project officer at Better Renting, a national tenancy advocacy organisation, working together with renters for stable, affordable and healthy homes. Since […]

Pay It Forward

CoPower is excited to announce our new Pay It Forward scheme.  This provides the opportunity for customer members who have surplus electricity credits to donate them.  […]

Deb’s energy efficiency story

Here’s our member Deb’s story on making her apartment more comfortable and getting off gas. I feel incredibly lucky to have purchased an apartment two years […]

Union members save on electricity bills

We are excited to announce that the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) Victoria has joined CoPower as one of our co-owners.  The CPSU is made […]

Lena’s story on downsizing and reducing energy use

Here’s our member Lena’s story about downsizing and all the ways she reduces energy use: I moved here to downsize from a 2-bedroom house to medium […]

Community action for the Melbourne Pollinator Corridor

In the 2022-23 CoPower democratic budget customer members voted to allocate $20,000 to the Melbourne Pollinator Corridor, an 8km community-led and -maintained wildlife corridor designed with […]

Heat-safe Frankston community event

By Alison Cooke, CoPower customer member and Frankston Local On Tuesday 27th February 2024 I organized the Heat-safe Frankston community event in partnership with Sweltering Cities […]

How cooperative solutions can drive energy savings in your home

By David Coote, Analytical Engines, ESEC partner Recently I did a Smart Energy Review with CoPower customer members Christina and Tom to help decide what they […]

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