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Having trouble paying your bill?

Get help here … Guides. Energy Locals is Cooperative Power’s energy retail partner. Energy Locals has a guide for what to do if you are having […]

Simple energy efficiency

For most customers the main cost in your bill is for the electricity you use (see our guide to Understanding your bill). At Cooperative Power we […]

Understanding your electricity bill

We all use electricity when we turn on lights, televisions, computers, charge a phone and other appliances. Many homes have electric hot water systems or heatpumps. […]

The Co-operative Way Podcast

After many months of work behind the scenes, 888 Co-operative Causeway has produced the first edition of The Co-operative Way, a podcast covering Australian and global […]

Earthworker Energy: Premium Australian Hot Water Products

One of our member organisations, Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative, makes Solar and Heat Pump Hot Water Product in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Earthworker are building worker-owned manufacturing and […]

Five Reasons why the Climate Emergency is Union Business

The climate emergency is a class issue. A dairy company decides to close a factory because of an historic drought.  Sydney dock workers walk off the […]

Solidarity Credit 2nd Quarter Report

Our COVID-19 solidarity credit program started on 1 April 2020 (and no, it was no April Fools Day joke). Our solidarity credit program is about giving […]

What does a Green New Deal look like in Australia?

A Green New Deal is a framework that originated in the United Kingdom in 2008 by the New Economics Foundation as way to simultaneously challenge the […]

Fund Our Future Not Gas

Cooperative Power endorses School Strike 4 Climate’s September 25th School Strike and supports the call from the global high school student climate strike movement for no […]

5 ways we can help you save time and money on energy

Cooperative Power is here to help our customer members. Here are 5 ways in which we can help you save time and money off of your electricity […]

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