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What does a Green New Deal look like in Australia?

A Green New Deal is a framework that originated in the United Kingdom in 2008 by the New Economics Foundation as way to simultaneously challenge the […]

Fund Our Future Not Gas

Cooperative Power endorses School Strike 4 Climate’s September 25th School Strike and supports the call from the global high school student climate strike movement for no […]

5 ways we can help you save time and money on energy

Cooperative Power is here to help our customer members. Here are 5 ways in which we can help you save time and money off of your electricity […]

How to start your own cooperative

Starting your own business is hard. Starting your own social enterprise or cooperative also comes with its own challenges. Just because you want to change the […]

Solidarity Credit 1st Quarter Report

Our COVID-19 solidarity credit program started on 1 April 2020 (and no, it was no April Fools Day joke). Our solidarity credit program is about giving […]

What is energy democracy?

Energy democracy is a process. It is a way of winning a new energy system, a system that can: Protect workers’ rights and build secure jobs […]

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