Our guides to saving

At CoPower, we’re committed to helping you take control over your energy, below are some guides to help you understand the system as it is.

Energy Guides


Understanding your bill

Understanding your electricity bill gives you more control over how you use your electricity. Visit this page to help you better understand your electricity bill.


Simple energy efficiency steps

This short guide aims to help you with some general and specific suggestions on reducing your energy costs using low-cost or free methods.


Making sure your solar is working 

Your rooftop solar is not exporting back to the grid? Here’s a list of some preliminary steps you can take to sort it.


Financial hardship 

We know that from time to time customers may find that they’re unable to pay their energy bills. Find more about your options here. In addition to these options, we also have a $10,000.00 fund to provide members with an average of one month bill credits. It’s simple to access and you can find the details here

We also have a Pay It Forward scheme that provides the opportunity for customer members who have surplus electricity credits to donate them.  CoPower will then allocate the donated credits to those most in need who will then receive the donation as a bill credit. Click here for more information on this scheme that allows customer members who generate surplus solar energy to share the benefits with others.

Member stories on saving energy

We will be sharing more and more stories from our rank-and-file members over time about what they have done to save on energy. If you have a story to share you can do so here

Renters and Housing Union resources  

Click here for the Victorian Renters Survival Guide to the Climate Apocalypse

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