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As more member organisations join CoPower, there will be more opportunity for cooperative and member organisation solidarity to better help customer members.

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Current Member Discounts


Save on home or office energy efficiency

Most CoPower customer members probably know by now that we’re not just an ordinary energy provider. We’re owned by democratic member-based organisations that want to bring energy into the commons as a public good. We’re not interested in selling you as much energy as possible and making a profit from it. We’re driven, like so many of our customer members, by a determination to make the climate and energy transformation fast and socially just.

In fact, CoPower is so little interested in selling you energy that we’re offering new services to all our customer members to help you cut your energy use. 

One of CoPower’s owner organisations, Earthworker, has recently established a new cooperative, Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative (ESEC).

ESEC is a worker-owned cooperative that, like CoPower, is putting social justice and customer benefit at the centre of everything it does. Here are some of the services that ESEC provides:

  • draught proofing
  • household and business energy auditing
  • household and business smart energy advice to increase the benefits from solar panels, batteries, heat-pump hot water systems and EV chargers
  • Maximising household or business energy efficiency.

So, if you’re sick of living in a draughty house that’s too cold in winter and too hot in summer, need some advice on maximising the benefits of solar panels, or want to make your house or business run as energy efficiently as possible, why not contact ESEC:

As supporters of the cooperative movement, ESEC is offering CoPower customer members 10% off their draught proofing home or office assessments. 



Earthworker Hot Water Systems

Earthworker is offering CoPower customer members a $200 saving on “Made in Morwell” C02 heat pump hot water systems. This is your chance to power your hot water with heat extracted from the air.

Download your copy of the EEMC Brochure for further product specifications.

Click here to place your order and in the other information box specify that you’re a CoPower customer member.

Refer a friend: $50 off your bills 

If you refer a friend to CoPower you can get $50 off your bill, and your friend will also get $50 off their own bill. Simply have them put your email address or customer member number on the refer a friend section of the switch form.

Watch this space for more member offers. 

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